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How To Protect Your Family From Airborne Viruses
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How To Protect Your Family From Airborne Viruses

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has

 somewhat been reduced throughout the world by the new vaccines, but the threat continues with the new variants and we should all be worried and protect ourselves even further by doing even more than what the general population is doing.  

How do you protect your family in your own home if you go to work or shopping and inadvertently pick up the new variants? How do you protect yourself at work if you are sharing office space and air with other people. 

You don’t know that you are truly protected in any space you enter. 

What are others using at home and their offices to protect themselves? How are they protecting their families, their employees and their customers?

Well, you’ve probably heard of the technologies that are claiming to kill the COVID-2 Virus within minutes.  Are these claims really true, can their product actually do this?

But, what technology are they using, Is a HEPA Filter?, Is it UV Light?,Is It Ozone? Or is it some new technology that has not been tested properly?

Do your research before going out to buy any kind of Air Purifier that has huge and outrageous claims. There are many around, there are cheap units, medium priced units and more expensive units that just cannot back up their claims. 

I have started some of the research for you and you can go directly to my website for my review and get more information on this medium priced solution for your home, office, restaurant, school or any public place that people have to gather right now. 

You will be provided with a review as well as documented proof of the testing behind this technology. If you install air-conditioning, heating and plumbing, review this product and offer it as an option to your clients for new installs or additions to any heating and cooling system. 

Be prepared, be ready to protect your loved ones with Purified Air and Surfaces in your environments.

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