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Get Your Local Business On Google Page 1
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Get Your Local Business On Google Page 1

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My Zip, Inc. has unveiled smart, innovative and long-term advertising services that enrich the entire community. The patent-pending program combines local businesses, sales professionals, fundraisers and consumers with the best of traditional and online advertising, savings and a "Buy Local" focus.

The MyZip "Buy Local" program is managed and supported by local sales professionals called Community Specialists. They help grow local businesses and find local favorites. They are also experts at local fundraising efforts and in distributing ZipTags throughout the community to schools, religious organizations, clubs, teams, charities, nonprofits and other worthy groups.

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ZipTags are the perfect consumer value, as they provide savings and also function as a valuable property retrieval service for keys, cameras, cell phones, iPods, and other valuable items. Consumers purchase and use ZipTag packs because they feel good about keeping dollars in their community. ZipTags help support local businesses, fundraisers and they save ZipTagholders money while helping to protect their valuable items as the same time.

ZipTags are the perfect fundraiser, adding another key sector to the My Zip program's community cohesiveness. Not only can fundraisers raise money by selling ZipTags, but local businesses can support a cause as part of the cooperative effort, thus tying them together in a powerful long-term and cause-related promotional effort. By utilizing ZipTags, everyone involved increases revenue and exposure in the community. When someone mentions a participating business or organization, people will say, "I've heard of them"!

The Buy Local program also provides legitimate opportunities for hardworking people to build a local business they can be proud of while they help strengthen their communities. My Zip Community Specialists receive training; utilize state-of-the-art marketing tools, including the patent-pending WorkStar program and lead generating strategies to help facilitate the process.

Local businesses are at the heart of the program, as they receive affordable, comprehensive, cooperative and exclusive advertising. Exclusivity is a huge factor, as My Zip registers only two businesses per business category per zip code. In other words, two real estate, two plumbers, and calls them Exclusive Partners. Businesses join the program by providing an "Exclusive Offer" of their choice that can be found in the ZipTag Directory. ZipTags are promoted by a cooperative effort by all Exclusive Partners and encourage consumers to 'Buy Local'. The ZipTag program puts local businesses on the map and helps them stand out in their community, thus helping them compete with national chains.

If you are a local business looking for new customers, a fundraiser looking for much-needed revenue, a sales professional looking for a career, or simply a consumer looking to support your community and save money in the process, My Zip, Inc. is your one-stop resource.

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